Brief success

“Life is a series of failures punctuated by brief successes.” Ok – so it’s quite a pessimistic view but non- the- less interesting From

When it’s not working – stop and fix it

Last week I have been analyzing our company numbers, cash-flow, on hand projects and strengths and weaknesses. I also analyzed my personal goals, energy available, time, stress level. At the end of all this, I decided to make some drastic changes to

!Easy Week

Ok – for the programmers out there, the ! means NOT – so the title should be NOT easy week. So, one of purpose of this blog to share the good, the bad and the ugly in how make things go. This week was a tough week.    One of my big issues that I have...

Thank GTD–my mind is empty again

Intense week last week.    I ended up drowning in a huge number of tasks coming at me.  The net effect was that it was difficult to focus on the big things because some many other things where buzzing in my head.    So, by chance,...

Like Freekonomics, will love this

I’m a big fan of Freekonomics, and love the book and how its laid out – with Theory interwove with real examples.   And so, when I saw that Freekonomics blog recommended this book, I downloaded it.   So, let me say, two chapters into it, and it’s a...