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Meet Paul Lepa: Innovator, Leader, and Visionary

Explore the journey of Paul Lepa, from tech-savvy engineer to CEO of a thriving pearl empire, and discover how his unique approach to business and leadership has shaped his success.

Innovative Leadership

Unveiling the strategic decisions that skyrocketed PearlsOnly to global success.

Technological Integration

How Paul’s engineering background revolutionized our approach to e-commerce.

Global Expansion

Expanding PearlsOnly’s reach to international markets, making luxury accessible worldwide.

Paul Lepa

Paul Lepa, born with a knack for technology and a passion for sales, has seamlessly blended these skills to lead PearlsOnly, a niche e-commerce enterprise. His leadership is marked by a hands-on approach and a commitment to excellence, which has not only expanded the company’s reach but also its impact. Paul’s journey from a curious engineer to a visionary CEO is a testament to his relentless pursuit of innovation and quality. Outside the office, he indulges in reading, exploring cutting-edge gadgets, and enjoying fast cars and boating.

Leadership and Vision

Professional Milestones

2000 – 2004

Senior Account Executive

Telvant, Calgary, Canada

Directed large-scale pipeline automation projects valued at approximately $40MM USD, significantly enhancing company’s market position.

2004 – 2008

Director Global Pipeline Solution

ABB, Manheim, Germany

Managed global marketing and sales strategies for ABB’s pipeline solutions, fostering robust growth in international markets.

2008 – Present


Transformed a startup into a multi-million dollar enterprise, with over 500,000 customers globally and a reputation for quality and innovation.

Current Endeavors

Paul Lepa Today

Paul Lepa, an ISTJ personality type, embodies the traits of diligence, reliability, and structure both in his personal and professional life. As the CEO of PearlsOnly, he applies his methodical approach to oversee all aspects of the business, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. His interests remain deeply rooted in technology and marketing, reflecting his background in Electrical Engineering and his passion for innovation. Paul’s ISTJ traits of being detail-oriented and cautious help him maintain the high standards that PearlsOnly is known for, while his personal hobbies like reading science fiction and exploring new gadgets keep him connected to the evolving tech landscape.

Core Strengths


Paul’s inquisitive nature fuels his continuous quest for knowledge, keeping PearlsOnly ahead of market trends.


An avid learner, Paul’s pursuit of education enables him to constantly improve business strategies and operations.


Paul’s achiever trait drives him to set and surpass benchmarks in the pearl industry, fostering a culture of excellence at PearlsOnly.


With a futuristic outlook, Paul envisions and executes innovative ideas that keep the company competitive and forward-thinking.

Paul Lepa


In Business as in Life, there is no “GOOD” and there is no “BAD”, it’s all “EMPTY”.


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