When I look at 2011 I see a very good year ahead of us. All the things that where in my way are either out of the way or going out of the way fast.

So, when I truly look at 2011 what really in a way scares me is the fact that its going to be me that makes this happen or not. I dont mean that in a omni- potent way – but rather 2011 has all the ingredients for a groundbreaking year. What is needed is the ability to drive 2011 into high gear – and this is where some of my doubt lays. I question my self IF i have the energy to push on things with the same speed and determination that I did few years ago. In a way – I have in front of me everything I need – amazing team, solid cash-flow, build up systems and a killer idea for growth. My team is more than ready and they are bloody good. So, what 2011 is going go be about is going go be about is weather I will be able to have the energy and the stamina to do what I did 5 years ago. If you asked me this few weeks ago my answer would have been no – I was just too bloody exhausted. But know with renewed energy I say – let takes some changes, let’s put some things on the line and let’s get things blasting off. At the risk of sounding narcissistic i do believe this will hinge on my ability to drive – and that means my ability to stay fresh.

So, all this personal side aside – our goal for this year is simple – connect TaoBao seller to American and European consumers on a massive scale. eBay is trying this now – but we believe we have a special sauces that can make out meal that much more appetizing – and that is quality. I won’t go into the deep details of our business model – but let’s just say that we are on a high level entering a high volume game of consumer arbitrage between China and the Americas and Europe – while at the same time solving the issue of quality and logistics. From the western point of view it would be like enabling all of amazon.com to be sold in China, in Chiese language, paid using local payment system and delivered via China post – but actually originating all from US. And by the way, all the items that we would sell to China would be 20 to 30% cheaper than what the Chinese could buy them. Now, reverse this process – and go from China outward – and you get the idea of what we will do.

So, 2011 – we will move fast, faster than before – and we will be bolder than we where before. We will take more risk than we did before and we will be more successfully than ever before.

Happy 2011!