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When I look at 2011 I see a very good year ahead of us. All the things that where in my way are either out of the way or going out of the way fast.

So, when I truly look at 2011 wha really in a way scares me is the fact that its going to be me that makes this happen or not. I dont mean that in a omni- potent way – but rather 2011 has all the ingredients for a groundbreaking year. What is needed is the ability to drive 2011 into high gear – and this is where some of my doubt lays. I question my self IF i have the energy to push on things with the same speed and determination that I did few years ago. In a way – I have in front of me everything I need – amazing team, solid cash-flow, build up systems and a killer idea for growth. My team is more than ready and they are bloody good. So, what 2011 is going go be about is going go be about is weather I will be able to have the energy and the stamina to do what I did 5 years ago. If you asked me this few weeks ago my answer would have been no – I was just too bloody exhausted. But know with renewed energy I say – let takes some changes, let’s put some things on the line and let’s get things blasting off. At the risk of sounding narcissistic i do believe this will hinge on my ability to drive – and that means my ability to stay fresh.

So, all this personal side aside – our goal for this year is simple – connect TaoBao seller to American and European consumers on a massive scale. eBay is trying this now – but we believe we have a special sauces that can make out meal that much more appetizing – and that is quality. I won’t go into the deep details of our business model – but let’s just say that we are on a high level entering a high volu


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