Back to my regular blogging without time delay.

Productive week last week.   Finance focused.   Run out the projections on consolidated basis for many Lighthouseyears out.   With had, had to do some deep diving into the Chinese tax laws.  Wasn’t able to get all the answers – and so reaching out a company in Shanghai that specializes in the type of things we face.

For last three years we paid each year at least an E class worth of export tax that wasn’t necessary. Yep, 3 Benz’s worth.    And it would have made our life so much easier.

But hey, the nice thing about having inefficient ops, is that you can really make dramatic bottom line improvements.

This week we also where pretty fast on hiring.  We will have two accountants starting next week – lots of past data entry and data entry to catch us up.   The beauty is that SOP’s are in place – so now its just apply people.

On mentorship side, I had met with Pecce last week – good first meeting.  Won’t go into to much details at the moment, but lets just say that things are moving well and he will be visiting our office next week. 

Our Xmas sales are now humming – and our dailies, week on week are showing excellent results.    Germany is pulling a little bit – not significant BUT it is pulling.  We are dropping few K into SEO now to get this more relevant and now have had enough traffic from PPC that we are able to do a ‘site tune’.    Virtual German customer care people are hired and our logistics are in place.  Cool.