Due to the earthquake in China and loss of many thousands of lives, the goverment had turned all the websites in China to gray. It was a very patriotic and respectfull thing to do – and I thought how amazing that it can be done. But, later this evening, I was thinking – from the technology point of view – how do you turn ALL the sites in China black in hours? Hmmm… The reason being is that our guys where thinking of turning our sharepoint black also, but not an easy task – as it would not be for EVERYONE in China. So, with a bit more thinking about the technology implications, I realised that pretty much every site in China is going through some kind of filter – and on the way out – it can be alterted – as in this case to be turned black. That then made me think of the amazing, and I mean amazing, processing and routing power that must be in place that is able to process all of the internet traffic in China – wow!