Back to the office today – and actually not too crazy.   Bunch of emails, etc. but overall – from first impression – all is good.  

Spent most of my day looking over emails – reviewing my tasks, and planning the  week.   So, today, was really an asses day.   

I found that the break did help me in some creative ways – I realized that I have been spending quite a bit of time in the café next to the office – brainstorming and looking at various issues.   The typical sitting behind the desk situation doesn’t seem to fit well with the way I need to work now.  It used to when I was heavy into site work, SEO, etc.  Now, it’s a different zone.

So, will change my office around – and get rid of some books, and shelves and put in a couple comfy chairs or couch.  Small thing – I know – but I think it can be these small things that can push more energy and creativity.

On a personal note – moved apartments – same building, same layout just 6 floors higher.  Bianca did a very nice job of getting everything arranged – so basically –when I arrived from holidays – I went up to 17 instead of 11 – and everything was ‘moved’.  A little twilight zone feeling – but a little cool also.