I had a very busy day today, with many level a priorities take care of.  So, one of the challenges I have, was to stop multitasking, and focus on at least one core challenge, and get it done.  And then move onto the next one.  That seems very logical, but it is a lot harder to do in reality. 

Nevertheless, I managed to get my level A the work done, and now I am finally caught up and able to move on with level II things.  I am little the shorthanded this week, because Mina is in Canada, and Jessica, who runs our operations department is also gone for a week.  In fact, in normal situation, this would not be an issue, however, since I am driving so many new things forward, I just do not have a lot of extra time or mental context switching, to devote to  operations.  For example, we have a customer who is looking to purchase a $30,000 necklace, and I needed to move that over to Mina or abandon it, just because my tight time constraints.

Yesterday, I finalized an agenda for my trip to Germany, and now I am waiting to firm up the schedule and also firm up the agenda.

There is a lot of work still ahead of me for next week, in particular, I have a lot of slide ware to put together, not only for  a German meetings, but also for the e-commerce presentation that will be doing on 25 February.

But, these things are fairly easy for me to do, and they just take time and also they are not level a, so I am able to much better on stilts into my days.

Anyway, this is an exciting part of the business, as I feel like I am leveraging my years of sales in the Fortune 500 domain, to make things happen for Redstores.  I think that our future is very bright, and, that the offering that redstores is able to bring forward to the marketplace is very compelling.  One of the things that I found, when looking at my presentation, a strategy, the work I have to do, was that I was extremely passionate about it, and have 100%.  Or maybe I should say 110% belief in what I am doing.  This is the same feeling I had when I was at Telvant, when I believed in the product, believed in the people behind me, believed in the management, belief in the ability to deliver.  Ideally, that there was those ingredients that make me so successful at Telvant, because somehow, indirectly, my belief in all those things came across my customers.

However, when I look at my short experience ABB, all those things are missing for me at ABB, I do not believe in the product, I do not believe in the people behind me,I did believe in the management, however, I did not believe in the ability to deliver.  And I think it was my lack of belief, and the ability to my core belief that this can be achieved, that made my ABB experience not so great.

So now, I have the same feeling, that I had before when I was at Telvant, I believe in the idea, I believe in the people behind me, I believe in the management and I believe in our ability to deliver.  When there is such a strong belief, success is virtually guaranteed.  So in that way, I am very fortunate, that I have all these success ingredients behind me.  In particular, I remember the power that I was experiencing, when I knew that when I promised somebody something during the sales cycle, that I had seen behind me in Canada, that would do whatever it took to deliver on the promise.  And, now I’m in the same place.  Whenever I commit to, I know that I will be able to deliver, and that is because the people that are standing behind me empowered me to do that.