Boston to LA and the state of USA

May 10, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Early morning start – about 7am. Up quite run down, the day before was up for some 40hours and the 7 hours didn’t seem fulfilling enough.

Did quick money movements and then headed for a quick coffee and breakfast.

Had to be the airport at 10am so I had a couple hours. Went over email and check urgent. Only a couple.

While enroute to LA spend some time processing and mind mapping the psychology of a shoe buyer. Just call me the ‘profiler’ – it was good stuff – key to a good site is to get to know your customer, find out their stresses and remove them.

Also, been thinking about this exit strategy that I have thinking off. Actually, it was M… and T…. that made me think about this. In this world where everyone is so focused on exits, what about NOT exiting and rather building something great and long lasting, much like M… and T… did? After all, the point of IPO is to provide a return to the investors BUT what if the investors you onboard are happy with dividends instead of a 20x flip.

What if employees get profit sharing but no huge exit. What if…. Bottom line it was quite inspiring to see someone that is not into exits. Definitely made me think. Still thinking. Quite a personal decision actually. One is focused on $ and the other on legacy? Or so I think? Definitely a discussion with friends over drinks. Philosophy of life, business and why we do all of this? Needless to say very happy to have had the opportunity to have a chance to get to know T…  and M…  Nice perspective.

One thing I noticed in addition is that US is a down state.  Mood, infrastructure, people – all seems down.   I’m not even going to get into the airline service as for me its a great indicator of state of nation – lets just say – that its not great.

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