I had a pretty good busy day today. Ended up having out senior management meeting at about 2:00. So things are moving really fast forward.

We discussed our, kind of new corporate strategy and how we’re going to package up bread stored and all the sites and how we’re going to fit in. Few more changes we’re gonna make. We’re gonna put a big rocket sign on our meeting room and we’re gonna call it the Launch Center. We’re moving into high gear so we’re gonna do weekly meetings on projects. And I think my time is now freeing up. So I’m going to join, the product, the site launch meetings. Besides that, i spend time with Carsten going over the financial stuff.

I guess we have all and totaled something like 23 or 24 accounts, inbound and out bound, which is huge. But we’re just getting a handle on getting all of them into one consolidates system and we’re starting to do reporting, so that’s really nice. We had a $15,000 credit from Ring Central still got it reversed, but basically if it wasn’t for financial systems we wouldn’t have caught this kind of over payment. So that was really nice.

And, yeah, I spent the afternoon looking at opening up the import export companies, getting firm numbers, and figuring out all the paper work that I need to get those done. And this evening, I have a launch party for a friend’s new pizza joint, maybe I shouldn’t say joint, I thinks it’s more of a pizza boutique, I guess. So that’s at 7:30. but I’m going to head out to the opposite house a little bit earlier and my goal is to spend a couple of hours in a kind of a quite environment and work on the, kind of the pitch for the suppliers, I guess of how we would kind of on board new suppliers and how that would work.

So kind of a really a marketing kind of a product. So I was in the office but I found I was getting really distracted with all the little things. So I decided to take myself out and get myself some time. So besides that, I think it was a really nice day. I think it’s 42 or 45 degrees in Beijing today, so brutally hot.

But nice clears skies, so just kind of you feel like, despite the heat you do feel like working, so it’s been a great day.

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