Collaboration tools, such as SharePoint, Google Docs, wikis, are designed to allow your staff, employees and eventually suppliers and consultants to work more efficiently.   Collaboration systems are enablers – they software themselves don’t organize your business, BUT they do allow your business to be organized once you know how you want your business to run.

The collaboration systems should be considered for organizations that grow beyond 50 or so people.   It is at this point that a business will face collaboration type issues, such as document versioning, permissions, project tracking, help desks, etc.

Collaboration systems, perform functions that can be done without them – what these systems however offer is that they make the functions easier and more scalable.

Notes:  SharePoint sever costs about $5,000USD – most of the cost of a SharePoint implementation is NOT in the software – BUT – in the business processes, the business analysis and business engineering.   Technology itself is relatively easy to use.