Very cool day today.  Turned 42 and went out a bought a cane and a pair of reading glasses!   Yea – right!

It was a great day because today we sold one of our first TaoBao to Amazon products.  We had pulled in and listed some 30 products to do a trial run – and after only a few days – voila – a sale!

Actually very timely in that way, since, just yesterday we went through how we will re-arrange the company to move forward with this.   Of course, when you start something as ambitious as what we are embarking on, there is bound to be some skepticism.   Its expected.  So, all great journeys start with a first step – and today was that first baby, baby step towards launching our rocket.

So, what a nice birthday gift.

Otherwise – I have worked on some on one of Pecce’s projects –and got things rolling.   We looked over our office expansion and will get additional floor space to handle our growth.   By the time we are done we will be at 4000sq ft of space – but if things continue on our path – by then end of this year we will be needing more.

My book that I co-authored arrived while I was in Hainan – hard copy – very cool.  The site for it is here: http://thesleepinggiant.comCool feeling to be published in a book.

I have firmed up and booked all my travel plans for April to Kucci Institute – so with the exception of a hotel in Frankfurt for overnight, rental in Boston and an overnight in Bradley airport, all is done.

Spent a little bit of time with finances today – and still working on cleaning up the messes of past years – not so much in financial terms but more in where things are booked, etc.  – especially on Chinese books.   Accounting rules in China are challenging and some of the things I’m cleaning up go back 3 years ago – and so now it’s the time to house clean.