I noticed an interesting phenomenon that happens to me.    This happened yesterday while on the airplane – I was quite exhausted, BUT all of a sudden my creative side kicked in, and I begun putting on paper the things I have been trying to capture for the past week.

I have also noticed this a few times before – whenever I push myself beyond the level of tired – say stay up till 3AM, my logical (engineering) side of my brain shuts off, and my left side (the creative side) takes over.    So,yesterday was in a way a great day – I was exhausted, but that tiredness put me in the ‘creative’ zone where ideas, concepts just flew right out.

So, in this kind of strange way, I actually have an upside to the times when I’m tired.   As opposed to be being just tired, the tiredness actually empowers creativity.

So, some of the ideas from last night where these:

  • 1.  Open book sharing with staff about financial positions
  • 2.  Model rocket with goals that we can put in front of our office
  • 3. Getting a RED jacket tailored – and having fun wearing it presentations where I’m talking about .  Actually I though it of being two sides, one side red, one side black, and reverse it during presentation.  Now I’m thinking like a total artsy person.
  • 4. Getting the social club going at work and making it follow the EOM model that we do
  • 5. Ramping up the Team 2 for site deployment
  • 6. The two new hires that we will have – SEO and Merchandising person doing a daily blog of what they did – so that we can SOP it later.
  • 7. Me taking hands off completely off silverdevotion.com and letting the process take that site up to the next level.
  • 8. Getting Chr… company to participate on the tech side on the German project.  Seeing if we can get some interesting ‘high’ tech into the site that is coming out BUT not go bleeding edge.
  • 9. I really need to put ‘Everest Basecamp’ into my schedule – action through forced deadline!


So, as I got rest, the practical, engineering side took over, and the sequential,step by step process.   Never the less, the above points are great and I will execute on them.   If I cannot, then I will need to ask myself a question ‘Why not?”

Overall, today was a quiet day, small chat with Mr. K about his plans – looking at my travel schedule – and debating if to jump into LA for a few days in April or if try to combine it into one trip with Germany.   But I’m holiday, so the fact that no work was done, is a good thing.   Hopefully even less work will be done.