I went out for drinks with a buddy from EO.   Over a bottle and some of nice Chilean white we discussed the meaning of business, transactional relationships and what it is that we want out of life.  The interesting thing that I took away from the conversation, is that once in your own business, we become in essence married to our business.   Our business becomes us, and is becomes our fulfillment and destiny –basically we become people that run businesses.  Very bold statement – but in some ways I think very correct – running your own game (or someone else’s for that matter) requires a certain amount of dedication – dedication very few people can bring to the table.  I think the psychology of the entrepreneur is that act of creation – the fulfillment from the new.   In that way, its not why we become professional managers – but rather innovators and creators.    So, do we get married to our business?   In some, redstores is a labor of love – there is a LOT easier ways to make money that what I’m doing – BUT – I just have SO much fun doing it – that it doesn’t feel like work.  The beauty is that as I keep working and having fun, the financial end seems to take care of itself.   Yes, I know, I know – that is what all the books says – do what you love and the rest will follow – BUT really, can it be that easy!?   It seems the guys I know, that are truly passionate about their work, that does happen.