Very nice, high energy day today.  Dimity, our new finance person, on boarded today.   Planning to spend the day with him tomorrow to lay out the foundation for the work he will have.

HSBCnet working now and setup, with setup of other staff now to help out with day to day  money movements.  4 eye rule applies, however even this will make my life a lot easier.

EO meeting today – very good – good energy and good learning.  Prior to it, had a fantastic meeting with Andy, and some very deep conversation (which I will keep private).  Having said quite, that inspiring and also possible opportunities.

Ended up the day over dinner with Philip, potential CFO, in the getting to know-you phase.   Definitely some possibilities there.   But this being a longer engagement, need to do much homework to ensure the right decision.

Home late – after midnight – but feeling good – and quite energized by the day.