Great article, that basically explains a question I had for a long time. If you are incompetent, are you aware of it? OR more crudely put, do stupid people know they are stupid. The Dunning-Kurger Effect, also gives us insight into the other spectrum, do smart people know they are smart, and how much smarter they think they are.

In my quick summary – incompetent people do not know they are incompetent. Furthermore, competent people don’t think they are as competent as they are, and everything they do looks easy to them.

In my experience, it took me a long time to learn that some things come to me extremely easy, and I (used to) get frustrated when others couldn’t see just how easy it should be. And I have my fair share of areas where I’m not great – but I likely don’t fully realise those areas. 360 would be good to do, but I found those very draining. At some point, less self-improvement, and more hard-core play to your strength. , And let those weakness stay.

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