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Apr 3, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments


Still fighting bit of a cold, but while on the way to Thailand I have a few hours on the plane.

I worked on Commercial Terms for the German deal, value chain proposition and also put in a preliminary mind map of risk associated with the project. I think I came up with something quite good.   One of the issues that I had before with the terms of the previous agreement is that it was too biased in my direction.   Any long term deal that is NOT balanced will fail (in my opinion) – so was looking for a way to make it strategically long term viable.   N… A… comment on House of Brands was pivotal, and it pushed me in a nice direction.   I need to polish up my document and will be ready to discuss with Ma… and Th… on Monday.

While on the airplane I finished a great book.   Since kindle has a very nice feature that allows you to highlight the high content, I will now start a new section, called book reviews, where I will share the highlights of the book I read and the value I saw.


image Link to my book highlights


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