Met with Klaus this morning for breakfast – to discuss the move forward path and also our relationship together.    We are very much on the same and very complimentary skill sets, which makes working together quiet easy.

We talked about various issues that could cause issues for this deal – and the only one that I see is success.  Another words – when the project becomes successful I anticipate issues that will come in.  The question is whether / if there is a point in writing protection mechanism into the agreement.   Basically, and realistically, the relationship with D is based on trust – and no matter how detailed and well written the agreement is, the player with a bigger cash position will always be able to take out the smaller player.  So, the more I think about this – no matter how good an agreement is in place – when clever people don’t want things to work – they can make thing go that way.

So, personally, I think I am being effected by a highly adversarial experience of last few weeks in my personal life – and its tainting the way I typically look at agreements.  So, after some discussions with Mina, its becoming clear that there will be risk for no matter how things get structured.   The risk is mitigated by providing value and strong return to everyone – if that is in place – then everyone should be happy. 

Since for me, that is my objective, I need relax a bit on the success risk and put effort into that once that success is achieved.

Simpler the better.

I’m in Frankfurt now, off to Vienna then off to Beijing.   When I arrive, I’m picking up Alex from school and we will be celebrating Alex’s 9th birthday – yes, Alex is 9 years old! 🙂  Wow!

I’m looking at my scheduling now and see that I would like to go to LA next month that my schedule is getting a bit full, since I’m planning a trip to Germany on April 19th.

I may have to do a multi-city – go US for a few days, then move onto Europe.   I kind of dread these multi-country trips – because they can be very tiring, but looking at my schedule I’m pretty squeezed for independent trips.

Overall, very excited about this opportunity – its going to work amazingly – and I can see the size that this will become.  Hence, I guess my future concern.  So, in a way, its a good thing, because it is a true indication in my 100% belief in how big this thing will big.

Going to take a little break for an hour or so, then when going to Beijing, will work on my Ecommerce presentation for next week.    It was nice to do a dry run with the DM group, as it really showed me where the issues with the presentation are.