Getting through the noise

May 24, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

First day back in the office – lots of noise.   Catching up on admin things, people things, etc.   Lots of ‘noise’ and the key for next few days for me is to eliminate the noise and to be able to focus on higher level things.

So, today, focused on getting admin things that I cannot delegate.  Was planning to have strategic meeting today, but I was not ready for it.  Moved it for two weeks from now.  Working on a mindmap of concepts and drivers – so that I can put something on the table and get feedback –rather than brainstorm the solution together.  

From buying point of view, it would be better to do this collaboratively, BUT, time is of the essence, so I will need to play a bit of a ‘dictator’ – or perhaps better said as ‘instigator’ – and put something in front of everyone for comment, feedback, changes.

So, goal today is get my emails cleaned out – todo anything that is to do.  Tomorrow, review the todo’s – delegate out anything that can be – and what is left over – decide if it needs to be done or not.  If not, forget it!

So, goal is to filter out the noise, the distractions, and focus on big things.

So, speaking of big things, G… is still alive, albeit slowly.  I’m personally adjusting to the though of doing a project at slow speed, although I know that my strength right now is the ability to do things ‘fast’.  So, a slow project does not play to my strength – but – not closing any doors.

Got an email from a buddy today.   An example of another opportunity for onlineing another company.    Its a bit crazy, but I have had so many of these partnerships come up – and I haven’t followed up (mostly because of Genie) – and some in part because of business model.   Bottom line, given the volume of interest in RedStores capabilities, the market is telling me that we are doing the right thing.   And I haven’t even ‘turned things on’ yet – in terms of ‘sales’ – no PR, no marketing, nothing but word of mouth.   If I go PR on this, and get media in China, I think it will be insane.  So, for now, this is good – need to figure out the model.  Given what I’m seeing, and given opportunities that are showing up, I think it would be wise for me to take a look at my current model – and see if its tweakable to adopt to the market demand.     Don’t invent the market – let the market come to you.   A little old maybe, BUT – he who services what the customers want (in this case suppliers or retailers), will win.  So, I need to get rid of the noise, zone out – and tune up the plan.




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