As I’m reading the book ‘Everyone needs an Angel Investor” – its becoming very clear that so many people have gone through these phases.

What does it take to succeed.  Basically, basic belief that nothing is impossible.

Today we had a Karaoke night – I had a certain line of speech prepared but Eileen gave me great advise that made me alter my course – and work-in the Chinese culture.   My own staff as my own coach – really – what could be better.  Hire people better than you.  Golden rule. And when they give you advise – listen! Smile

During the KTV night, I had a VERY nice chat with Jimmy – what a pleasure.   Jimmy came to PearlsOnly as a junior IT support guy – now he is a mature man, with deep insights, deep purpose and great maturity. 

It was a real pleasure. 

Had lunch with Spencer today also – in the past Spencer didn’t show so much interest in leadership position.  Today, he expressed interest in leading the company as Project Manager.  I can only say – Thank you!  Everyone, and I mean, everyone is stepping up to plate – they are all growing – developing – moving forward. 

I had started two years ago, after reading Druker book on Management and how you had to start to develop people 2 years before you needed them.   I did that two years ago (actually more like 3) – and its only upon reflection and these small ‘snippets’ insights that becomes clear that one way or another it worked.  People had thrived, they developed and are stepping up to lead.

And that is exactly what we need now.   We are entering uber growth period – we are on the cusp – the flywheel is moving faster and faster.   On boarding a whole new management team would be hellish now – BUT – lo and behold – leaders inside are emerging – and slowly asking for responsibility.

So, my challenge now, is to make sure that I’m able to deliver on my promise of growth, rewards, success and fun.  Can I do this.  By myself – abruptly not!  But with guys like Jimmy, guys like Spencer, girls like Eileen, Jessica and everyone single person than helps them accomplish their goals – with that – the answer is ‘YES!”

When I was 30, I was a lone wolf, I could do things at any cost – where the ends justified the means.  I burned people, tired them out – but I accomplished my limited targets.   Fast forward 10 years later – and I have learned so much.  The loan wolf may capture a rabbit – but it takes a pack to hunt big game.   So much more meat on big game.

So, each day – we are getting closer and closer.   Closer to what you ask?  Closer to catching the wave and taking off.   Very, very close.

So, what will I do when we are there?

First, keeping things on track and steering will be of paramount importance. When moving fast, keeping control is important.   2nd – the thrill of the ride will need to be felt by everyone.  We got a little taste of what its going to be like with Amazon of Day ride.  Just a taste.   Little taste.  So much more I hope to do.   What is wrong with spoiling the people that work hard to make things happen?   In my opinion nothing.  So, I want to spoil everyone.  I will.  Soon! :)  Its coming.

Tonight, after KTV, choose to keep my own company – enjoying a little bit of solitude, reflection and a long island (or two).  I’m bursting with pride – and I don’t think I could share that with anyone without sounding pompous.

What a cool, cool team we have.