Much better day today – been working hard to figure out WHAT had got me out of the zone on Tuesday.  See my previous blog – I identified it there.

Today, was good – lots of running around – lots of time churning to see ‘what the heck happened’ on Tuesday! Today I got perspective so it was great.

So, managed to get two key issues out of the way – banking for RedStores in HK and RedStores in BVI is now up and running – full internet access, phone banking, etc.   Access cards ordered for the ‘4 eye’ rule.   Very nice to get this ‘pain-in-the-butt’ low value work out of the way.

The opening of the Chinese companies is moving forward – and my RedStores Canada entity is now formed. 

Bulk of PO’s are now approved – and I’m in the process of shifting approvals over to Carsten.

Gerry is moving forward like he is on fire – we have the Muse strategy in place, which will follow BlingOnly.   If done right, this is a potential $10-30 million dollar site strategy – so could really help us get up to our magic number.    Mina is on vacation, so need her back to synergize with everyone so that we can drive this faster.  Goal is to have Muse sites up before Xmas – so few months from now.   Ambitious yes, doable, yet, cool – very!

I approved yet one more hire – graphic editor – to get our BlingOnly photos online faster.

Cashflow is under control (especially now that I have banking back on line) – so still not as roomy as I would like – but manageable.

Sales are doing great – and lots of our efforts that we did are paying off.

I gave a green light for co-operation with one of our competitors – had some different opinion on this from a few people – but ultimately decision was to me – and I weight in all the inputs – and decided to go with it.

Spent a lot of time thinking about this extremely out-of-the-norm feeling on Tuesday – and I think I got some good insights.

So,  As it says in the Power of Full Engagement – we are rhythmic and like a heart beat we go up and down – or at least need to.   I have been ‘full on’ for last 4 weeks – and I think Tuesday was a reminder that some ‘down time’ is really needed to restore one self.

From the big picture – after the settlement agreement with L… – I knew that I would have a year of a tough fight to get everything fixed and on track – and that next 12 months would not be easy.   I took it on with eyes wide open – and tried my best to ensure that I could manage.  I think overall I have been doing quite good, but obviously I let things run over me a bit – and got myself a bit overheated – so time for a  little break.   Lucky, I’m disengaging for next 96 hours – and have corrective mechanisms to prevent further overheating (if you may call that) when I’m back.

So, life is good!