So, this is been one of the weeks I look at say – Thank god its Friday!    I’m now finally on they way back to Beijing.    It seems that  if there was something that could have gone wrong this week – it did!   So, in the spirit of keeping this real – here is what a low ‘value’ and ‘annoying’ week looks like.

Actually nothing big went off charts – but a bunch of little things that just made the week a ‘pain’.  So, what was it, here is the little petty list of things that made this week painful – in no particular order:

  • My housekeeper quits with a days notice – a new one is in place already BUT… still annoying.
  • Have to babysit people I shouldn’t have to babysit – hmmm…
  • Brutally tired from the EU trip
  • Flight to HK delayed by 2 hours – get in at 2AM.   Even more tired than before.
  • Flight from HK to Beijing delayed by 2 hours – will get in at 2AM – sleep is just scarce this week.
  • Driver in Beijing not arranged – after I spend 30 minutes laying out a detailed driver pickup schedule.
  • Hotel in HK is on 12th floor – on 13th there is construction and drilling – can’t even get a nap in.  Plus, why the heck did I go for a 4 star hotel – of course I’m going to hate it – and this construction thing is exactly what a 4 start hotel would do.  
  • The EO event is not of super high value – feel low return on time invested.
  • Find out that no credit history established for PearlsOnly -  full stop at this statement.
  • Feel like I didn’t really get much done all this week – low satisfaction.
  • A… has a bit of trouble at school with  some friends.    L… tries to ‘help’ – but instead makes it beautifully complicated.  I shake my head in amazement!
  • Didn’t hit my exercise goals
  • China blocks DropBox – you may think its small – but data exchange now becomes painful again!
  • Did I say I feel like I wasted a week!!!
  • People seem free to dispense advice to me – without being asked.   Oh, how helpful it is to hear the words ‘ you should …. ‘, or  ‘You should have…”.   Basically, its thinly veiled criticism.  How is it that we try to make ourselves feel better by criticizing others.   What does it tell us about those dispensing advise?  Do you know the answer?  I do! But I’m not sharing that today.  But ‘You really should know that!”

So, what is a good thing about a week that doesn’t feel good?   Ha – you ask!  The good thing about having a ‘low’ week – is… is… THAT the next one is bound to be better.   Yep, that is the mental game you use to get into the next week.   You say – ‘yep, that was a s..t week’ – good!   Next one will be better.   And, truly, statically speaking, the odds of the next week being a bad week is 25%, chance of it being good is 75%.   The chance of three bad weeks is 12.5%.   So, you see, statically speaking – having a ‘bad’ week is a good predictor of having a ‘good’ week next week – because there is 75% chance that next week will be good.   (Ok – if my stats cal’s are off you stat  wizard  out there – don’t bust my bubble – I believe it – hence its true! 🙂 )

And so, as I sit, looking at the petty things that made this week feel ‘low’ – I revel in the feeling that next week is going to be great!   We can check and see next week.  

So, theoretically, if you wanted to play a pickup game you would go and list all the good things that happened.   So, lets try that:

  • Went to HK for first time, cool city – will come back – also learned which hotel NOT to stay in!
  • I love my iPad – what a cool toy
  • Sales this week are rocking
  • M… is on track with inventory system – 3 years in coming – and due today!  Cool.
  • New CFO is kicking a.. and taking names.  I like it.
  • Have a tre cool dinner in HK – a nice touch of luxury.
  • Met a cool guy at EO GLC -  could be a great asset for Genie
  • Genie is got life – M…. reached out…
  • Alex is with me all weekend and all of next week – nice!
  • Have some cool plans for Sunday evening.
  • Got my iPhone fixed in HK – something I wanted to get done for last 3 months
  • Corporate Structure is moving forward – and banking is setup up.
  • Got quite a bit smarter about banking – strategy is forming.
  • Feel like I had a bad week – means next week should be a good week.

Ok, I had to really stretch to look for the ‘+ve"’.  Realistically, for me, I would much rather say ‘this week was bad’ – next one will be good – vs. trying to paint a bad week in good colors ie. (this is for me part of keeping it real – things are as they are – if we perceive things in a certain way – its how we perceive them).

And to be even more realistic – you would say “Paul – stop being a baby – this doesn’t sound so bad”.  Well, I’m jotting this down as it feels now.  I will reflect on this week, next week and see I can offer some additional insights or perspective.

Till then, here is a to a ‘bad’ week!