Off to thailand for 10 days. Hoping to take some personal time and spend quality time with Alex. So, likely will not be blogging everyday.

Today had EO forum – quite an inspiring session – can’t discuss it due to strict confidentiality rules but got good energy out of the group and tons and tons of inspiration.

Yesterday I opened up points of presence in France and Germany. Our cove sites are moving small amounts of product which is excellent sign.

Got the designer working on muse sites , print for redstores and mini- revamp for cove.

Opened up a new site – which I will not speak about for now beyond domain name.

This morning moved forward with hsbcnet – the global banking solutions – delegating out lot of the work out to Bianca – she is stepping out very nicely and helping me handle the load.

So, thing are moving forward. Personally I’m running a bit tired so the holiday is quite timely. Looking forward to fruit, sun, pool and blue skies.