The first thing comes to mind is that its cold! 🙂  Very cold.   Besides that very little has changed here in last 3 years since I have been here.   It has been great to catch up with old friends, see their kids and see how they are doing.

One insight I gained, is that its important to have a clear plan in mind and know where one needs to know.  This applies much to personal life as much as business.   Without a clear destination, even the brightest guys get lost a bit and drift.   So, planning, goals are ever so important.

Another insight is that if one should not allow another person to waste ones time.   Sometimes we feel like we have no power and allow others to push and tug at us, and try to take off our course.   If we allow that to happen, it is actually US that allow us to happen.    So, staying the course, focusing and having a clear goal in mind makes everything goes faster.

On personal note, I’m cleaning up my personal mess, and one way or another it will be finished soon.    Plan A or Plan B – regardless it will be done.   Focus, and go go go.