There was two people I have met recently that have mentioned to me about the fact that they offer a ‘package’.  Another words, they would say, hey I’m a nice person, I have this and this and this quality, “Am I a good package?”

So, this has been a somewhat interesting perspective for me – and I think that comes from the Chinese holistic perspective.  You don’t focus on just one attribute, but rather on all attributes combined.  So, I need to talk to some Chinese friends and get further perspective of this, but regardless of the answer, the way this concept translates into business is this.

When people choose to buy from you, they are actually buying a whole package.   I think this is marketing 101, but nevertheless ever so important.   Lets think in detail what this means.  

When people buy from you they are buying a whole package!

For ecommerce this means:

1.  Ability to find your site

2. Ability to trust your site

3. Ability to see the product

4. Ability to learn about the product

5. Shipping and how they get the product

6. Product itself

7. Other customers opinions

8. and many, many more

Ideally here I would show my SOP and list the 50 to 60 factors that I have that constitute a package, but those are what I would consider proprietary and confidential.  Surly, someone could go to one of my sites and try to copy what I did BUT unless the reasons for each element, concept, etc. are understood it would be very hard for someone to derive or even recognize why some of the things have been done on the site as they have been done.

So, when putting a site together, its really important not to focus JUST on the product BECAUSE people look at things they purchase as packages not isolated product.   There must be at least 20 to 30 factors that play into a person making a purchase – strategically – for RedStores my store layout SOP covers inherently all those elements and more.    So, in ecommerce – important lesson – even if you are just selling 1 product, you indeed must remember that you are ACTUALLY selling a PACKAGE – that consist of 1 product and XX number of ‘intangible products’!