Had a great evening last night at an EO event, where we have a presentation on TopGrading – hiring the best people.  The presentation itself was good, but nothing that I have not heard before – nevertheless good reminder.  What WAS very interesting was the discussion and the social afterwards.   Basically, during the later evening after a few glasses of wine, we started chatting with the owner of the restaurant where the venue was held.    Amazing, this young guy built himself a quite little significant business BUT wasn’t really all that interested in growing it bigger himself.  In fact what he wanted is to cook, work the kitchen, etc. – and was hoping to have someone else grow it for him. 


So, here was a perfect example of someone that loved what they where doing, made it  work on small scale AND could not see how to take it the next level.  So, after more discussions, it became more clear, that there was a self limit and self doubt that was holding him back – and that in fact – he was capable of doing it BUT was held back by fear of not knowing what’s next.   And that itself was interesting – first – we hold ourselves back because we are scared.  2nd, when we move forward, we don’t aim high enough – so we don’t reach the peaks. 

And so, I remember looking at this guy and feeling very frustrated with him.   He has a perfect idea, a perfect thing that works – BUT he is missing the vision and HAS fear – and those two things will stop him from reaching the next level.