I’m a big fan of Freekonomics, and love the book and how its laid out – with Theory interwove with real examples.  

And so, when I saw that Freekonomics blog recommended this book, I downloaded it.  

So, let me say, two chapters into it, and it’s a fascinating book about why we are the way we are.   imageIts centered about willpower, but really, it talks about pretty much about all the things we have faced like working hard, following through on things we want to achieve or accomplish (and don’t).

Based on real life experiments, I ‘m fascinated by its insight.

For example, I noticed with myself, if I’m working on something and concentrating – I’m using Willpower to focus on the task.   And then, when I get home, all off a sudden, I don’t put my shirt in my laundry basket but leave it on couch (where as usually I would put it in the laundry basket).

Hmm…what just happened.   Well,  if you want to understand my example, get the book.   And drop me a comment.   

Amazingly insightful.  And now, back to using my willpower to focus on Business Processes. Smile