Started the day off with Senior Management meeting, with discussion centered around the org chart. I shared it with the Senior Management, and got interesting feedback. Overall I think the overall change will be good – created two new positions – Site Manager – who will have P&L responsibility for the site. In addition, clarified where the site design responsibility lies (marketing) and identified a need for an iT strong PM.

The goal of the structure is to ensure that I have one person responsible and accountable for each site. Further to make sure that we are not stepping on each others toes as we go and speed up.

As of now, IT is now slowing us down the most – which is not surprising given the pace.

For me, I’m strongly desiring now a Top 3 focus from each senior exec – and a top 3 goal for the company. So, although org structure is done and ready for rapid growth – my own task is to clarify and share with everyone, clearly as to what the next steps will be.

A hit was the fact that we now have a nice 47″ LCD in the meeting room – although we had a projector before it wasn’t used – but now wig the screen our meeting productivity increased by a lot.

Next few days I will b working on giving myself visibility into peoples tasks, enforcing task updating, and gauging our ability to execute given the tasks – and pushing, pulling or throttling depending on what I see in out resources.

I’m also looking to come up with and follow up on 1 kpi per each function block – anotherwords – add measurability (and through it accountability) to the process. This is not to say that we are not working well – in fact I think we are working already brilliantly – but if we are to grow – our current system will not be able to withstand the growth – hence forward planning.

the evening I spend researching about KPI functions in sharepoint to learn how I can leverage the technology to give me visibility – it’s awesome because all I need is there – and I can handle what I need by myself in just a few hours.