A good part of my morning was spent moving money around.  In case of good or excellent Christmas sales I secured an operational loan (privately)  to have as a backup.    Looking out based on current forecasts I will likely not need it, BUT I so don’t want to be scrambling and giving up sales in case the year turns out better than it is.  So,  with the funds, I handled my previous loans that were are a rate higher than my new rate.  So, this way I’m saving a few points AND YET have the extra juice incase I need it.

The nice thing out of that that banking simplified a lot, with a lot less accounts/payments/etc. to worry about.  

I kept looking at cash flow out for the 2009 and 2010 – and I keep thinking how good in looks.  In fact, its looking too good – and that is making me worried that I’m missing something.   I keep visiting ad revisiting looking for logics/data/assumption flaws.  

But overall, one decision I made was to go ahead and hire on another developer.   Spencer, the Australian developer is working 3 days a week, so his timelines are stretching.  He is an amazing guy and would love to have him more BUT he is not available for more now.  So,   from $ point of view,  if I’m investing $50K into software development, BUT I don’t get use of it for 2 years – I’m much better getting in a 2nd developer to push the development forward.   So that I’m not tying up $50K in development.  Anyways – basic economics at play.   

Approved a whole pile of paperwork today – I was so resistant to changing anything – I MUST (I MUST) not change anything for at least a month – so I can see how its all working.   I MUST! 🙂

So overall, the day was 10% Strategic, 80% operational, 10% tactical.