As I am working on my Ecommerce Presentation, I had wanted to do a visual reference guide for those attending the presentation – a reference table of sorts to allow people to learn more about any particular subject if they so desire. 

This started a mini-project of moving my library into the online space and getting it organized.    I had Alex and her friend Caroline (9 year old) help me on the weekend to get all the ISBN numbers into a database.   We went high tech and used the iPhone RedLaser App ( to scan the books in.   The girls had very nice and steady hands and we scanned in some 300 books in less than an hour.   I added in my Kindle collection and now on my full collection is for all to see.

Here is the link to My Book Library.

The benefit of doing this is that I realized there was a few books that I had wanted to read but they got ‘lost’ on the shelf.  So, now that I have found them I have some more intellectual stimulation to look forward to.