My week hasn’t started yet, at it already looks like this.    I’m looking at it – and its becoming apparent that I’m not getting ‘blocks’ of time to work on ‘strategic things – Strategic Things being Solid Dark Green.

So, today I moved out a whole lot of things to later in week and booked for myself 6 hours of strategic work.   For the following weeks, I’m going to pre-book ‘strategic’ windows ahead of time – to ensure that I’m able to get through my ‘rocks’ – otherwise – you end up having a calendar like below – BUT – no forward momentum.


Spent a big part of the afternoon, around 5 solid hours working on my forecast, cashflow model. Wish I had a system that would give me all this info, but as is, the model is good and it’s help me already to gain clarity where I need to focus. Basically my area that needs to be addressed operationally is my COG. Its very likely that our whole purchasing, manufacturing process will get a very serious revamp.

Had a great late evening meetin with C…. And he coached me more on valuation methodology, about keeping it simple, and knowing the ‘story’ and simplifying it to the elevator pitch level. Basically, end of day, it’s sales – with a slight twist. Will likely go ahead with the share model, Nd focus on ROI vs ownership %. Same thing at the end but one is more focused on the investors needs (roi), the other on how much I would be ‘giving up’.

On the way home now, 11:30pm. Will try to get in another 2 hours into finishing my model.

Tommorow is a busy day, 2 or 3 interviews scheduled i think, and a bunch of smaller tactical tasks.

Got home and caught Misty and Moonlight carrying this little teddy bear around the home like they where dogs. So cute, I thought it show get posted.