Had a strong day planned out, with 3 interviews scheduled, workout and time to prep for KPA.  But as things go, Alex got sick this morning – so had to rearrange the day to stay home with her.   Poor thing got upset tummy this morning – I guess a bug she had been fighting.

So, instead – and I worked a bit from home – booked all the hotels (I think 5 in total) for the upcoming trip and tried to catch up on administrative work.  Had a great chat with my old uni friend,   B…. (from Canada) about life and living in the moment, etc.   Pretty cool actually – some friendships – despite time, distance or space – just don’t change.   Quite wonderful.  

I managed to get the email out to the company where we can plan our success Celebrations.   It will be great to have goals.  Had an issue at work with one of the new hires – so not quite disappointed but a  little frustrated I guess at the way some people think.   Basically – it took me less than 1 minute to make a ‘fire’ decision – but I think every time you ‘fire’ someone – there is always a little bit of disappointment that carries with that with – because some of the hopes you had for that person – that role they where going to play – and so looking back every ‘fire’ decision that you make takes a bit out of you.   I suppose firing is not positive, so it does make sense – and you would think given the speed at which I can make these decisions – I would be able to completely detach – but yet – I can’t! :)  But protecting our company culture, and the way our team is, is key, so if things are not working – the rational decision is easy – in fact, it takes no thought – but that little hint of disappointment lingers.

So, as the heading say, I got a few things done, few things moved around – but overall – didn’t really feel that I was effective in any particular area  – so overall – it was one of THOSE days.

On the personal note, I picked the company and booked my trip to Everest Base Camp – 19 days – in Sep of this year.   Will put more info about that in the Everest section when its all finalized.   Just need to book flights now to Katmandu and then its all done.  Sunny, my trainer, is coming on Monday, and we will work out a plan to get me in shape for it.   Quite looking forward to the challenge.

Below is my email to the company about the Celebration – curious to see what everyone will come up with!

Hi Guys:

As we are now entering a growth phase, I would like to put in a success and celebration plan in place for us.

Basically, the idea is that as our company reaches certain goals (say $5 Million Dollar in Sales or 20 websites) – we would have some kind of Celebration.

Now, the idea is that the Celebrations should increase in ‘fun’ as we reach higher and higher goals.

But I am looking to you for ideas what our celebrations should be!

For example, some of the ideas that I had was things like “Rent an airplane and take the Whole Company to Hainan”  when we reach goal  5.    I don’t want to put to many ideas from me, but I want you to think about the goal (how hard it will be to reach) and then what kind of celebration we should have when we reach it.  The harder the goal the bigger the celebration.   So, talk to your friends, your colleagues, talk it over at lunch and lets figure out how we will celebrate our future success.   Think about something that would truly inspire you – something that would just be amazing if it happened.   If you think that way, the ideas and our goals –  and Celebrations really will happen!

I will ask HR to get your ideas for Celebrations next week, but now, this is your chance to brainstorm and think of some super COOL,FUN, EXCITING and MIND BLOWING celebrations that we can be ahead of us.

Have fun with it! 🙂