Most of the day today was spent mulling over on how to organization should look, reporting structure, accountability structure that will allow us to go for ultra growth. In the months before I had Mina pegged to manage this, but with Minas departure I have more specialized positions that are opened up – but also that require more coordination.

it would seem like a simple task but with MatriiPhon002x structure out of the question, and being big enough to form independent teams – I need to blend the structure until we get of side where I can form independent execution teams.

So, the org chart now not only will act as a guide for who should be doing what, but needs to drive clear lines of responsibility and accountability – all without going matrix. 🙂IMG_0012

So, I had reviewed project workflows, sops, tasks to get clarity where what belongs. From there I need to look at the skill sets of the team – their strengths and weaknesses – and place people in areas where their strengths can shine. (this btw includes me too!)

With this in mind, I have a draft which I will talk over with the team and get their input and thought – and support. Then will move. Hopefully by Friday I will have this pegged.

So, goal this week is organizational clarity – then responsibility assignment – comm procols, visibility (via task tracking). 1000 decision points – 3000 tasks – less than 3 months – lot of work – but even more opportunity.

So, personally I’m feeling pressure to get this going – to get us moving faster. Frustrated with self that this is taking time for me to come up with and is not just pouring out of me in 1 hour but takings days instead.

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