This whole week I have been under the weather – and although some big ideas moved forward I fell behind on a bunch of smaller admin things.   So, this morning, over a latte, with my iPad in hand I went through all my emails and added tasking to my ToDo list. 

As as aside, I find, I quite like the iPad for task management and organization, and then my laptop for handling emails, design, etc.

So, on my iPad I organized my tasks and todo’s – and basically got on top of the ‘pile’.  From there, I spend a few hours in the office, working on my top/urgent/must do.   After that, I spend an hour re-organizing our sharepoint system to gear up for the rapid New WebSite rollout process.   Basically,  with Gerry moving into high gear on new sites, we needed to bring all the ‘new site’ info under one umbrella, so we can more easily setup KPI’s, track tasks and progress – especially as the volume of work will increase.  The key to success will be good tracking and infrastructure – with that inplace, we will be able to bang out site after site.  So, today, using Gerry’s process chart, I mapped sharepoint into the process.   We will need to review it together on Monday, but once its done, Gerry will be able to go and move.

Ended the afternoon, back in the coffee shop, now spending time to prioritize more tasks.

It seems that change of setting is nice – and stimulating for the creative process.   I’m following in the footsteps of other EO guys that seem to ‘move around’ a bit to nice creative spots for their work – to get the juices flowing.   Works for me.