Out of Chaos comes a rocket

Jul 29, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Last week has been chaotic, with a lot and lot of changes coming.   As we are transforming to become a ‘web site’ factory from an operational company – we are now pushing our limits – and discovering breaking points.

It feels chaotic, and stressful, and a bit out of control. BUT its Good!

By pushing hard, I have been able to see our critical path places, and that is enabling me to see where we need to expand.   To be honest, I though we where slightly farther along – and in a slightly better position to execute faster.

What we doing now is just like Henry Ford did in the 30’s – create an assembly line for making websites.    We are looking at our factory line, and seeing which parts are not allowing us to ‘turn up the line speed’.  As of now, IT is the choke point – and so the goal shortly will be to expand on this and optimizing this part of the line.

The issues we are facing is NOT people related – I’m very happy with everyone and the way they are working.   The issues is that we are going through a metamorphosis, and trying to shed to operational  company mentality to a project company mentality.

So, as we have moved fast and found breaking points, in the coming weeks, I will be working on shoring up the breaking points – and giving us a strong execution arm.

The risk of a transformation of course, is that some people in the company may struggle with it, that the change may be too great or to intense.   As we are going through this, I have accepted the fact that I may loose people along the way.    I HOPE, and WISH I don’t – and count on the fact that everyone will be able to change and adapt.   But, we MUST change, much like a butterfly and change.  For me, its not a choice but a must.  So, although I can try (and will try) – to help the organization transition from operationally focused – to project focused – in the end it will be each and every person in the company that will need to adopt.

We are close, very close to reaching greatness.   The chaos of the big push – and by this I mean 7 sites next month is huge – but as we push ourselves, it will be transformational.  Chaos will yield to order, our production line will start, the sites will start pumping out – and our vision and mission will soon be completed.

So, having said that, the change even for me, has been difficult – and I like change.    3000 tasks, todo’s, etc.   We are no longer coasting BUT doing.    I’m adjusting to this.  It feels 100% right and I know that this is the next step for us.  

But is it easy, stress free, peace of cake?   Ha! No way. 

But like a rocket taking off, the launch pad is shaking, vibrating, and a lot of smoke is coming out.   It looks like something is going to explode.  But, our rocket will launch of this and start climbing soon.  And when it does, the forward momentum will give it more velocity, and eventually it will reach crazy fast speeds, with very little extra fuel.


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