Over the weekend

Oct 31, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Few cool things over the weekend.

1st – finally (and I mean finally) after months of work, a US account via HSBC is now close to being opened.  Only took 4 months!

2nd – connected with some smart people about currency movements into China – the way we are doing things now seem so, so inefficient (ie. 10% to the bottom line inefficient)

3rd – model for transfer pricing from CN to US reviewed by the US CPA and looks like we got many things right – so – validation of the model.

Will be progressing with these issues next week (after the financial systems).

On personal note: survived the Halloween parties – never knew Beijing had such a cool ‘scene’ – Yen Party last night – was quite something else – A few thousand people in an old Communist Factory Munitions plant bouncing to techno and drum and base, all wearing quite cool costumes.  Quite surreal, quite, quite fun.  Not the China you would think of.  It was a 4AM evening.  My buddy’s company from EO was part of the event – I figured a quite, quite profitable event. 


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