As they say in the startup circles at some point every company makes a pivot – a change in direction. not a change of everything but a change.

Today was that day for me. I started to put together a pitch for Redstores and realized that I had two visions – one for PearlsOnly and one for RedStores. Quite different.

So, with my previous thoughts about moving redstores as it’s own startup – everything really clicked today. Everything.

And so without going public with the detailed strategy I can share this. The RedStores vision is to “enable China to go direct”.

Having crystalized that vision and no longer distracted with the PearlsOnly vision the whole landscape painted itself.

The big idea is quite big, and ambitious. But very, very doable. Will share more details of the strategy over next weeks, but meanwhile I surpassed and somewhat amazed with how much clarity I was able to gain by simply focusing on one thing.