I started to look at our plan for 2010 and have realized that have now achieved nearly all of the things that we had set out to do.   Wow!    So, I need to spend some time over next month to layout the vision for the year – and work with the teams to build budgets, schedules, get commitments.

Mina is now moving into the ‘execution’ role on the on the projects and we set down the immediate path:

  • SilverDevotion.co.uk
  • RedStores.com corporate site
  • BlingOnly.com (and in country stores)
  • 5 Muse Sites
  • Titanium Site
  • Gold Site

Beyond that, we came up with a great concept for the RedStores.com brochures – basically will follow my old companies marketing way of having a folder and inserts.   This is to help with supplier relationships.

The afternoon, I spent in EO Forum – was a great forum.   Shared with everyone the new about the divorce – it was great to have so many caring people offer to help.   Forum itself was great, but due to confidentiality of the forum I cannot share what was said in there.  Nevertheless,  I left energized, optimistic and ready to take on the world.    Its nice to have so many nice friends.

We followed with a few drinks afterwards and it was great to chill.