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Jun 23, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Great busy day today. 10am meeting over coffee with Gerry to go over the next 4 months. Goal is to launch all the muse sites, revamp silver, and get blingonly online. We identified that our photo editing was our bottleneck, so gave a go-ahead to hire 2 more graphic editors. Given how much overhead we are carrying in launching the new sites, it made absolutly no sense to bottle neck on graphics.

Amazon France wants to work with us, but they want all French language descriptions – gave a full go ahead on that. Want to establish the relationship even if it’s just with a few products, so speed to get things firm is critical

We are pushing on Japanese supply to better leverage the on the ground man.

Also, have wanted Spencer to come back full time with us – he now committed to come on full time next month – perfect – since we need more development effort to get support for new launches.

Looked at office space today and renewed the lease for another year. Increase of few percent but not bad.

Office is getting very tight for spaced but I’m willing to forgo comfort to save cash for the time being. The focus is on growth – we can enjoy the trappings of more space once we crank up the sales.

Financials are nearly there – handed over the daily transaction management to Carsten. The numbers for P&L are nearly there – and soon we will be able to handle proper cash flow forecasts, etc.

Corp structure is nearly in place, and C and I where discussing contractual relationships between the entities. So far it looks like the prep work I have done wasn’t in vain.

On another good note, which may seem trivial but has large operational impact, is that i finally managed to get in touch with Commercial Banking team both in HK and BJ. Before I was working with small business unit -which wasn’t well equipped to deal with international and multinational setup. The commercial banking group is, so with a bit of luck i can enter their domain and leverage HSBCs global power.

Cash flow this month is bit challenging – funds in the wrong places – so scrambling a bit to move things into the right locations. Not a big deal but still a pain.

Beyond that reach out to 6 potential people that expressed interest in having RedStores take them to the web. Looking only for 1 or 2 that fit the profile – so will see what this yields.

Last two days prior I basically didn’t much – was feeling under the weather – so rested and got my energy back. So, today was quite a nice high energy day. I guess last two days were not 100% idle – i spent a lot of time thinking on how to get myself into the Zone and how to stay there. Will post that later on my Everest side of the site.

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