Still on holidays but over last few days I realized that the preparation for the corporate retreat schedule for early Jan was way, way more work than I expected.  So, I pushed the corporate retreat by two weeks and today dived into getting ready for the retreat.

I took much of Vern Harnishes stuff, and converted that into my own SOP.    Focusing on the 1 Page Strategic Plan – looks easy enough but actually to do it right it takes 2 days.   I will follow the quarterly/yearly planning with this system – and since I will be leading these sessions, I want to make sure they yield value.  And to yield value preparation is required.


So,  felt good to get into it – spend 4 hours this evening going over the book, collecting Verns articles and organizing the ‘details’ of the event – laying down the details and plan – will allow me to guide the team along this first one.  Once we get it, next time will be so much easier and we will build into our corporate culture.

Anyways – this kind of reminds me of when I was doing Processes and Systems – had to get a bunch of books – none of the spelled out step by step what to do – you had to do your own legwork and assemble all the data.  This is kind of similar – lots of great material – but lot of  it fairly high level – and no step-by-step – so need to go from high level to low level.   Feels a bit like teaching so perhaps that is why I’m enjoying it.