Most of last week has been focused on getting processed figured out for various finance


systems.  Running an international business seems simple compared to trying to account for it.  Non-the-less drawing out the processes and getting on top of things that matter has been good.   The work is not done by far, but at least its on the way – and this week will be focused on getting as many of these processes finalized.   

On personal note here, I can see why I struggle with this in some many ways.   Accounting/booking keeping is all about detail, detail, detail and my god, I am not a detailed person.    But in many ways we must all do things we don’t like (otherwise it would be called a holiday) so this will be done.

What I’m looking forward to is getting the reporting and visibility (high level – no detail please Smile ) to help me see clearly the things that matter in the business.  

Another good thing for me here is that was I to start again a green field business, I know precisely what I need, and what needs to be done.   Doing what we are doing now is so challenging because we are also fighting with all the history of last many years.   

So, last week, I have pretty much single focused on this – and plan to single focus on this until its done.   Furtuntaly I have good people in place to run other parts of the business, so I have that luxury (luxury of single focus).

I will be happy, happy to write in this blog one day soon that this work is done, and that one of my biggest headaches is also removed.   Soon….    And till then, off to the world of detail.