It been easier to get the walks done – weather is nice although a touch chilly – not bad – reminds of Canada. I can already feel the body is adjusting. I need to work in cardio into the program – but I’m happy with the start. The motivational ‘stuff’ – has been cool – as I walk in the morning I the picture of Base Camp is flashing in front of me – and its providing inspiration to go. So that is great. Was also thinking about some of the ‘small’ impacts that have altered my behavior. One, was a great chat I had with M…., of the – he started getting into fitness a few months ago – and his experience was that you have to forget the gym, but rather integrate things into your life. For example, get out of cab a few blocks early and walk home, get some weights for home and do a bit of weights at home – basically, remove all barriers of excuses. Nothing truly new, BUT, the way he presented it – was NEW – just his passion and also his success with it – that was quite inspirational.
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