One of the great things that is coming out of the work in finance is that it forces me to actually re-evaluate every single part of the business.   Each stage, piece, structure, strategy, cost, income is now getting visibility (or at least is getting talked about) – and a picture is starting to emerge from the fog.

As the picture is emerging I’m finding myself quite energized (but also a bit stressed) as to future direction.

I have a number of things I’m slicing and dicing now, but I won’t be able to share these here for the moment. 

I had dinner and drinks with my buddy Greg from Gzhuanzo.  Greg is a EE that runs a fairly significant business out of China – owns a few factories, etc.   We had some deep ‘meaning of life’ discussion and the realities of doing business in China.   Interestingly, the supply chain corruption is rampant and prevalent – which has given me another point to look at given my now clearer visibility.

Greg was in my shoes not so many years ago, where he grew at a crazy pace and his internal systems didn’t keep up with him.   The good news is that he fought through it (as I am now) – and got bigger and stronger.  

And this bring me onto this interesting point:

“The difference between success and failure is 6 months”.  

So, at these relatively early stages, the treasure chests are all re-invested into growth – and such, but that very nature, anyone growing a business, is placing themselves in this risk position.