SOP’s Galore

Mar 11, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Today was a long day, was up at 7 AM, and started off on the the e-commerce presentation. Worked on it for about three or four hours and then for change of scenery went into the office and begun working on the specifics of the presentation for Germany. While I was going through that, I started pulling up many of my SOP and so on to try to get those integrated into the presentation, however as I started doing I realized that I was probably better off just printing off the SOPs as they probably hold more value than a simple presentation. Anyway, I had an option to either tell somebody about it, or show them, and I think it made a lot more sense for me to show somebody how we work vs. tell them about it. The surprising part was, as I started to print out SOPs, which I thought would for sure take just an hour or two, I ended up printing together with Julia, for nearly 12 hours. The resulting binder of our SOP’s is about 3 inches thick, and it is incredibly rich. I guess I have so gotten used to working in the virtual space, that I had no idea what SOPs that we had created would look like in real world. So, basically, even though I was quite tired doing all this printing, in a way I was quite proud of our company, that we as a team had managed to together such an amazing set of documents. And, as I was going through these SOPs, I see that many of them had originated with me, but that our revision history were showing that other people had been picking up the torch, maintaining a, updating them, and creating new ones. The very fact of me printing them out, had made me realize that we have actually almost 90% covered all of our business and how we do our things. So, it was actually very interesting perspective to see all these SOPs printed out stack and organized in physical form. All of a sudden this intangible business process section that had been sitting in share point, became real. So, I just got home, and I will take a few minutes, perhaps to read a chapter or two, and then try to put in a few more hours into polishing up my e-commerce presentation. I guess the event that I am hosting or rather been part of on 25 March, is getting a little bit bigger now, with likely about 70 people, photographers, media and most likely some video. So this also means now that some of the real data is going to show German presentation I now have to change, because it is going to be much more visible, and before, and I would be hesitant to have 1 billion Chinese viewers try to go and copy my business model. So, I am doing my presentation for Germany, but I will definitely a lot of catch-up for the Beijing event, to make it much more generic. Speaking of business processes, I have a new housekeeper, that just started, and, as geeky as it sounds, I had SOP done for my previous housekeeper. What a surprise it was, when I get home last night, my bed was made nearly the same way as with the other housekeeper, with the sheets folded the same place, it was arranged in the same way. Well, I think tonight I am pretty much spent, so it is off to read a book , and get ready for the trip tomorrow.


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