Over last while I’m starting to come out to realize how the ‘top level’ CEO’s claim that they can work 9-5 – not work weekends, have a balanced life.   It was not until not so long ago that I had a hard time understanding how they managed that.   Now, I can see, that not only how a high level CEO can do that, but also how he MUST do that.

My insight is as follows.  AS the company grows  the CEO is no long empowered to create and the work himself.   As such the CEO’s role evolves and the CEO goal become focus on strategy, future, ideas, marketing.    To accomplish the high level functions as the 3 mentioned above, the mental space needs to freed up and allowed to think.     Basically, what we are talking about is the process of innovation – and the fact that innovation needs rejuvenation.   Realizing that, it become ever more important for the people leading companies to focus on their own well being, on being focused, balanced.