Just recently I read that nothing makes you as tired as thinking – and I definitely felt it today.   Been absorbed in the branding thoughts and financial thoughts for the better part of the week – and today was ready to take a little break.   Was really supposed to detail out the RedStores plan – but need more thoughts about some of the strategy – so wasn’t quite ready to put final touches on it yet. So, caught up on many of my admin tasks, organized a bunch of EO to-do’s, and basically cleaned up the left over tasks from the week.

Overall, my new tasking/management system is working well.

I’m learning more where responsibilities for tracking delegated tasks needs to lie – and how to follow up  (or if even to follow up on those delegated tasks).  One idea is that you have to trust people to have their own systems to log, record and manage their workload and that once a task is handed over to someone they need to be responsible for that tasks to get done.  

Historically though, even with the A grade people, that has not been my experience- and so I do keep drifting back to the concept of ‘super control’ task management system via Sharepoint where progress, tasks are tracked religiously.   For the weekend I’m going to finish Rockerfeller Habits (for the second time).  I have this feeling that I’m truly on the verge of being able to reach utopian state focused on execution.

Beyond this, secured additional private funding today to prepare for the forecasted strong Christmas season – I’m surprised sometimes how much trust people have in me – its nice to feel that.   Confirms my concept that if I choose to I could raise as much as I want – the question is do I want to!?

Throughout the week I have been bouncing thoughts between growth, branding, operations, VC – the truly bigger picture is starting to emerge.   Weekend hike is in store – will be good to take time to digest the week of learning.

Next week is week of action.