Today just flew from Beijing to Seoul.  Overnight at Seoul airport hotel (would not recommend it next time, expensive, poor room (not even a window), no room service, no internet in the room, etc. = value for money almost $0), and waiting for tomorrow’s flight into Frankfurt.   Interestingly , the airport turns out to be a ghost town after 9PM – so had I brought shorts and runners – I probably could have gone for a walk in the airport.   Little bit like out of the movie where the guy lives in the airport.

In the morning, I converted my patent application into a searchable format – hoping to review it on my kindle while in the air.   Its something like 500 pages of patents to review!

My new financial controller accepted the position – so very glad to have him on board.   Regardless how Germany goes, he will be a great guy to have on board – and for Germany additional benefit of the fact that he speaks German.

Other than that – really didn’t get much accomplished – as expected during travel days.