On the weekend I needed to pick up a new dresses. Off to the easiet option: Ikea.

As we designed the dresses the Ikea helpers gave us the whole part list to get. Lo and behold a guy comes up and quietly say that 4% of purchase price try wil do all the picking, deliver it and bring it home to install it.

No money paid so far. Sure enough few hour later they arrive and start work. Get it all assembled. As it turns out I’m out of rmb in china and can’t get more that evening.

Amazingly, these folks say, no problem – pay me tomorrow to my bank account. Hmmm – furniture in house – only partially paid for and these guys are trusting hay I will send them the balance.

So, this I think would only happen in china. A quick relationship built is a lasting relationship and comes with trust.

I can’t imagine this playing out anywhere else like this.

And so, its verytho hear warming to see that people cross culture/ cross socioeconomic chasms can still so easily trust each other.
OHmmm.. One of those moments when you get some belief in the human condition.

Business: going well. Accounting very, very tricky to setup. My CFO came out of Sony in UK- and he figures sony had simpler structure than we do.

And we are doing this now with Sap or great plains, but with quickbooks – fitting this 2k package into a place of a 50k system. Its hard, but not impossible.

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