Wow – what a humbling experience.   I went for the hike, completely pumped that I would be able to handle it.   As it turned out, there was no way I was able to keep up with the group.   The hike was quite steep initially, and 1 hour into it I could tell that there was no way I was going to be able to hike the full hike. Luckily the Beijing Hikers crew was great – and they assigned a guide to me, and he took me up to the wall via a much easier (lower gradient) path.   Apparently was still 3+ level, and I was still puffing and panting –but I did make it to the wall.

Overall, as humbling as this experience was, it was a great way to see which things I need to improve.

1st – cardio needs to improve

2nd – need to shed pounds – otherwise its like I’m carrying a whole backpack (when its not needed).

On top of this, it was quite inspirational to see these ‘hikers’ and how they did it.  I guess a lot of them are marathoners so well conditions.  My goal is not ‘that’ level of fitness BUT it was very cool to see.

So, total elevation on this hike:
288m at 12.2% gradient

381m at 22.3% gradient.

So, in ft, total elevation I climate was 1837 ft over 4 hours – but was pretty dead afterwards.

First part of the hike – 288m – 12.2% gradient – near death! 🙂



2nd Hike – much better for my level – up to the wall, then down and to the town. 

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