Started my heavy duty prep for Everest Base Camp. Sunny came today at 4PM and we started doing weight training.  Felt great – I actually quite like pumping iron – it wiped me out by 8:30PM BUT was excellent.

It also made me realize, or perhaps internalize, that I really do need to drop weight.   All this extra weight I’m carrying is a pain in the butt – its effecting a lot parts of my life – has impact on my sleep, on my energy levels, etc.  So, through Everest Training has been really good – helping me focus on my ‘new story’ and areas that need improving.    Nothing new – since during the Kick Ass Club it became very evident that I need to get my ‘body’ into shape – so this is I think just the maturing of these ideas.

So, the question you may ask, is why in the world am I sharing all this ‘personal’  information with the world.  Well, easy – I really want to keep things real.  Its so easy for a CEO to appear flawless, super confident, super-human.   Reality is, that yes, I can be ‘super-human’ BUT not always – and that we all struggle with life.  So, for me, showing the ‘weakness’ is part of keep it real – keep it it honest – not getting lost in the outward projections – not getting a swollen head – staying human.

So,  if this this blog is to show the highs, it needs to be balanced by showing the lows – otherwise – it no longer is real – and I really, really want to keep thing real.

If anything, I would also hope that it can now or later be a source of inspiration for others.  To show, that real people, with real challenges, can do extra-ordinary things – and that what I am doing – anyone can do.   

So, how could I inspire people to do that – if they only see the ‘ups’.  I think by showing the ‘downs’ and the challenges – the message could be “Look – this guy is just like me – he is struggling in parts of his life – just like me – BUT he is also doing cool things.   I could do that” – and maybe the answer becomes “I WILL do that”.   So, that is my motivation.  To share, give and demystify this bubble world.

So, here is my little motivation chart I put together for myself on things that I need to work on.   Personal yes.  Real yes.  Empowering for you?   You decide.